Return Policy

Our Return Policy is the simplest, and most transparent you have ever seen!

Here are the simple AdvancedPLR rules when you want to return anything.

Canceling a one-time purchase of a product (outside a membership)

When you have purchased a product on you have the right to change your mind. Since we provide digital products only, you cannot truly return the products you have purchased from us. Therefore we will automatically digitally void your PLR license number. This means you can use the product for Personal Use only. You will no longer have the right to sell the Advanced PLR product to others. Keep in mind that license numbers are personalized and traceable.

You can contact the AdvancedPLR team through the contact form (see bottom of any page). Please add the reason why you want to cancel your purchase.

Canceling your Gold Membership

Canceling your gold Membership is easy, because you're not stuck in a contract. To cancel your Gold Membership, you can simply click on the blue button below. This link will take you to the membership hub where you can cancel your membership. You are not locked in and free to cancel anytime!

What happens when you cancel your Gold Membership subscription? 

You will have access to the site and the advanced PLR products until the end of your payment cycle, which is the same day of the following month that you signed up. After your current membership month has ended, you will no longer be able to download new products and licenses. You can keep and continue selling the products you already downloaded during your Gold Membership. Your licenses will still be valid.

What happens if I cancel my Gold Membership during a Trial Period?

You are never locked in and you can cancel your membership, even during the trial period. The license of the products you downloaded will expire after you cancel, which means you can no longer sell the products you downloaded. Keep in mind that license numbers are personalized and traceable.

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